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Our Activities

Women’s Government has initiated the following projects:

1. Creating a database of 1500 women experts in Serbia more
The purpose of this project is to present an impressive database of educated and experienced women professionals. This database acts as a source of data on women candidates for highly qualified positions. The database also promotes a more active participation of women in political, social and economic life in Serbia by informing the wider public, media, international organizations, as well as executive search agencies and potential investors about women with strong professional qualifications who can produce changes, carry out reforms, manage public and private sector initiatives, and take more responsibility in leading both the state and the society. As a follow-up activity we may also start women mentoring programs and assist in employment/promotion of women to higher positions.

2. Weekly column of Women’s Government on current topics more
In its Sunday edition, daily newspaper «Blic» publishes opinion editorials written by members of Women’s Government in a column called «From the angle of Women’s Government». The organization’s editorial board made of several «ministers» coordinates this activity. Articles published thus far discussed topics such as elections, unemployment, European integration, position of women in religious communities, environment, public health, anti-corruption tools, agriculture policy, energy crisis, financial markets etc.

3. «Let Women Decide» Campaign more
Women’s Government and the European Movement in Serbia ran a campaign called «Let women decide» prior to parliamentary elections in Serbia in 2007. We called upon women to use their vote at the election to help Serbia peacefully and confidently step into further democratic changes. One of aims of this campaign was also to support women candidates in the elections. We advocated for a greater number of women in governance bodies following elections, including a more gender balanced National Assembly and Central Government.

In the course of the campaign, members of Women’s Government visited many towns in Serbia, participated in public forums and passed core messages through the media. The Final Convention was held in Belgrade and attended by large audience.

4. Regional Network
A large number of international organizations and institutions expressed interest in supporting a similar concept in other countries and in creating a regional, European and possibly global network of women experts who are prepared to focus their knowledge and energy towards improving their societies. Special interest has been shown for the implementation of the Women experts data-base project on the regional level.

5. Educational activities for members of Women’s Government
We organize trainings to enhance members’ expertise and form joint positions on issues that relate to our mission. One such training was, for instance, organized in Andrevlje, Serbia, on November 28-29, 2008, where we discussed the relevant legal and political issues, decision-making process, constitutional provisions, gender equality, women and media, gender sensitive language, etc.

6. Authoring book on eminent women from Serbia’s history
Throughout history, the Serbian society was marked by many important women. A book on this topic would generate a greater public awareness of their work, and promote women as role models for the new generations. Currently, we are fundraising for this project.