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About Us

Women’s Government is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organization with a mission to promote expert potential of women in Serbia.

The organization was formally established in January 2007, as a result of a project «Voting for Women’s Government», which was implemented by the European Movement in Serbia and the daily newspaper «Blic» with OSCE support.

The project was initiated with the belief that women can change the state of our society, and with the aim to promote educated and successful women and stimulate their higher participation in Serbia’s public life. A total of 161 women with relevant professional reputation, i.e. eight «candidates» for each sector in the Government of Serbia, were presented to the public via Blic newspaper. On the basis of presented biographies, more than 30,000 readers of «Blic» voted for «ministers of Women’s Government».

With the intention to facilitate a more tolerant and effective debate on better future of Serbia, the Women’s Government took the form of a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit organisation. Its primary mission is to promote expert potential of women in Serbia, creating a society of equal opportunities and striving toward women’s equal participation in governance bodies and in impacting public policy.

Women’s Government has garnered support of many domestic and international organizations, and the media. In addition, this idea has attracted significant attention at various regional gatherings as a progressive message coming from Serbia that could serve as a model to be applied in other countries, including those that are more developed. Based on this model, other countries in the region, such as Montenegro and Bosnia, have elected their «Women’s governments».

How we operate

The organization is represented and coordinated by a «chairwoman». In order to equally distribute the workload and ensure highly operational functioning, it has been agreed that each month another member performs the function of a chairwoman. To enable efficient management of diverse projects, we established sections for various fields such as economics, rule of law and politics, culture, media, health and education.

The initial members agreed and included in the Statute of the organization that Women’s Government would continue to enlarge its membership. All women and men who can contribute to attaining the goals of Women’s Government and wish to participate in the work of the organization, based on proposal of five founders are eligible for membership.

We are currently working on establishing a club of «Women’s Government and its fans» which would gather members of the organization, companies and other individuals who want to support the work of our organization.

In the next period, Women’s Government will work on various topics that are important for the modernization of Serbia. Particular attention will be devoted to removing obstacles faced by women who want to be more active in creating and implementing public policies. We will seek to provide accessible and clear information about possibilities for putting forth a candidacy for public functions and civil service employment, required qualifications and application procedures, as well as in presenting role models, promoting trainings and other possibilities for development of new skills. We plan to support women, help build their confidence, and assist in creating conditions to enable women to become more engaged in public life.